Enspire Investments offers no-commission, transparently priced, private placement insurance for use by fee-based Advisors. Our private placement offerings are a variable universal life (PPVUL) and an annuity (PPVA) which allow Advisors to use their existing operational infrastructure to manage client assets within policies as a subset of their client’s overall allocation. Our products are particularly powerful when used within trusts, consolidating client insurance assets, and for clients interested in alternative investments. If your wealthy clients dislike taxes, receiving K-1s, and are concerned about taxation in the future, then our products should be a consideration.

In addition to creating better outcomes for their clients, using our platform and services lets Advisors acquire new wealthy clients and significant levels of new discretionary AUM. Our website is built for Advisors and includes sections for learning about our transparently priced and highly beneficial products; streamlined and automated sales process; integrated money management platform and planning process; and our robust administrative resources.

Our experienced team strives to create a sophisticated set of products and infrastructure to benefit your clients and to be a foundation for your AUM growth.

Advisor Portal

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